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Heavy School Bags Are Causing Children’s Back Problems.

Are schools training your kids to become weight lifters?

Kids now days are forced to carry huge weights in their schoolbags. By the time they get home they must feel like they’ve run the comrades marathon. 

Drive by any school and you will see countless kids with hunched posture, either struggling to carry their bad schoolbags or buckling under the heavy weight.

Physiotherapists and Chiropractors continue to express concern about the large numbers of kids they see, presenting with a myriad of symptoms, such as headaches, neck pains , back strain, rounded hunched posture, dropped shoulders and even occupational overuse syndrome or a curvature of the spine. Healthy young kids should not have to be  burdened with discomfort and pain.

Overloaded schoolbags

Research shows  that heavy school bags and an inactive lifestyle, are responsible for the development of a hump in many kids.

A schoolbag with no supportive infrastructure will automatically encourage bad posture.  Without the support feature , kids tend to compensate by carrying their bags incorrectly. They do this by hooking their thumbs under the shoulder straps, rounding their backs, contracting their chest muscles and tilting their bodies forward.  Carrying badly designed bags like this over months and years will  exacerbate the  problem, resulting in setting poor posture. The bad posture will eventually track into adulthood.

Make an informed decision when selecting your child’s schoolbag.

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