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How To Choose The Right Orthopaedic School Bag

School Bag Just Right

The age of the child usually determine what school bag or backpack you choose.

Ages 5-9 years:
Select the medium size Orthopaedic schoolbag.
Ranges - Deluxe Orthopaedic or Amigo Orthopaedic.
Ages 10 years – young adult:
Select any of the large size Orthopaedic schoolbags.
Ranges - Style or Street or Hardbody.
Ages 10 years – adult:
Ranges - Ergonomic backpacks and all daypacks.

School Bag Too Big

Do not make a mistake and choose the large size TOTEM school bag for a small child. Some parents think it is financially viable to buy the big school bag from the onset, as they will use the school bag for many more years. However an oversized school bag will not offer the Orthopaedic benefit and can have a negative effect, such as:
The lumber padding will not fit in the lower curve of the back, defeating the purpose of the support system.
The top of the school bag will sit too high on the child’s head which will force the child to poke their head forward. This can cause neck strain.

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